About the Artists

April 16, 2011

Wahaba the scrimshaw artist, made buttons for me for many years before moving to Hawaii and starting a successful business. She is no longer doing scrimshaw buttons so the ones I have are all that are available and custom orders are not possible. I will be looking for another scrimshaw artist.

David Newell is hard to describe. His work is more than just whimsical and humorous an perhaps a little short of bizarre, His carvings in antler, fossilized ivory, and other materials have a surprising originality.

Gary Campbell is a local carver who carves mostly antler. Using a large hand-held grinding tool, he creates buttons and jewelery with amazing detail, representational accuracy, and balanced composition.

Mexican silver, copper, and brass buttons. In recent trips to Mexico I have had buttons made for me and have many of certain styles on hand. I have not had success with ordering them from home, so once the ones on hand are gone, further orders will have to wait until I go back to Mexico and find reliable craftsmen.